Ashley House Printing Company Limited

Anti-Slavery Policy

Ashley house Printing Company Limited is committed to upholding basic Human Rights, both within our own business and as much as is possible with that of our Suppliers.

We will ensure that all Ashley House Printing Company Limited Suppliers, regardless of the kind of work they do, or the size and type of company, have sufficient policies in place to ensure that this policy is enforced and complied with.

We are committed to the following:

  • We will treat all employees fairly and honestly
  • All staff will have a written contract of employment, with agreed terms and conditions
  • All staff will be entitled to reasonable rest breaks, access to toilets, rest facilities and clean drinking water, and holiday leave in accordance with legislation
  • Ashley House Printing Company Limited and our suppliers will not engage in any illegal child labour, any forced, imprisoned or involuntary labour, forced or unpaid overtime which contravenes any human rights directives
  • Employment is freely chosen by staff employed
  • Employees also have the right to freedom of association
  • We recognise the right of our staff to join a recognised trade union
  • We will ensure that our discrimination and harassment policy is enforced and is subject to management control and review
  • We will ensure that effective health and safety policies are in place, which ensures compliance with Health and Safety Directives. This will ensure so far as is reasonably practicable the health, safety and welfare of all employees and visitors alike
  • All employees are provided with appropriate job skills training and supervision
  • All employees are paid a fair wage reflecting the local markets and conditions
  • We always meet or better the national minimum wage
  • Annual wage reviews are conducted annually to ensure that we continue to pay a fair wage and ensure compliance with any national minimum wage requirements
  • Working hours will not be excessive and will comply with legal requirements
  • Throughout our operations we monitor the working hours to ensure compliance with the Working Time Regulations and with any industry guidelines
  • Any overtime worked shall be voluntary
  • We will monitor our supply chain, conduct assessments and audits as deemed necessary to ensure our policy is complied with
  • We will investigate any allegations of infringements of this policy and any Human Rights issues, and will take appropriate action as necessary

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