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At Ashley House, we are lucky to work with businesses of all sizes, meaning no two days are the same. Whether supporting small independent businesses with their creative print needs, or working with large businesses on commercial projects, we love the variety of work that print brings. Unfortunately, we all know the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting everyone, that’s why right now it’s more important than ever to support the creative industries, from shopping local to helping ensure your nearest venue stays open in the future.

As one of the most creative printing companies in the UK, there’s not a lot we can’t help with when it comes to print, because everything we produce is totally bespoke. Our unique approach allows us to #StandWithSmall during these difficult times, ensuring they can continue to operate as near to ‘normal’ as possible. We’ve been busy producing a range of creative print for small businesses, including greeting card printing, art printing, book printing, posters, stationery… The list is endless, that’s why we’re the chosen printer for a huge number of creatives, including Nia Gould.

Niaski - ‘The life and times of artistic felines’

*Photography by @girl_behindthelens

We’re proud to share that we’ve been working closely with Exeter based graphic designer and illustrator, Niaski, to print her popular range of products for over four years. Nia combines her passion for art and cats, reimagining famous artworks or influential artists, and adding her unique twist to turn them into cat inspired pieces to create beautifully designed print products, including greeting cards, art prints, calendars... we’ve even printed custom gift wrap over the festive season. Some of Nia’s most popular pieces include Vincat van Gogh, Pablo Picatso, Frida Catlo and Henri Catisse, to name just a few.

It’s only right that such beautiful work uses high-quality stocks and inks when it comes to printing, to help achieve the brightly coloured, eye-catching results it deserves. As a green printing company, we print Nia’s products using vegan-friendly inks and sustainable materials, including FSC certified stocks. We also provide recycled brown kraft envelopes with the greeting cards and instead of plastic packaging, Nia pairs them together using 100% recyclable paper stickers and wraps prints in tissue paper, meaning her products are totally plastic-free! We love meeting and working with like minded businesses and individuals who take steps to protect the environment whilst doing what they love.

“The reason I use Ashley House for my greeting cards and art prints is the brilliant print quality, from the papers to the service, everything is always 100% - the eco credentials are a big bonus too, as I try to use sustainable materials where I can. People often comment on the quality of my printed work, but it’s all down to choosing a great printer to produce it!” - Nia Gould

Visit niaski.com to find out more about Nia and browse her range of purrrfect print products!

If you need a hand with a creative print project, give us a call on 01392 202320 or email hello@ashleyhouse.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help.


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