Our Carbon Capture achievements in 2020

At Ashley House, we're committed to being as environmentally-friendly as possible and go out of our way to reduce our carbon footprint, that’s why we are affiliated with The Woodland Trust Carbon Capture Scheme and Forest Carbon. As one of the most eco-friendly printers in the UK, we are proud to be the largest contributor to the Carbon Capture Scheme in the South West, purchasing at least 60 tonnes of carbon captured paper annually.

Being part of schemes like this means that every time we purchase paper, we are helping to plant trees and capture carbon. In 2020 alone, we helped create 323.37m2 of new native woodland in the UK, removing around 12,935 kg of Carbon Dioxide with the Woodland Trust Carbon Capture Scheme, and through the Forest Carbon scheme we helped plant 198.36 new trees, capturing around 48,911 kg of Carbon Dioxide and creating a new woodland area of 1240m2.

We don’t just support these schemes through our paper purchases, we’re also not afraid to get our hands dirty and get stuck in helping.... Before the pandemic, we would volunteer our time at least once a year to take part in local tree-planting days. These always leave us with a great sense of achievement, and we can’t wait to be able to do this again in the future!

The best thing about what we do is that by being a reduced carbon printer, we not only ensure that the carbon footprint of our business is minimal, but that other businesses and creatives are also able to reduce theirs when choosing us for their print, as everything we do is always done with environmental protection at heart.

Find out more about eco printing and our eco credentials, or contact us for all your sustainable print needs. Give us a call on 01392 202320 or email hello@ashleyhouse.co.uk.


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