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It goes without saying that we are currently going through a strange time. The chances are, that you can’t get that appointment with your decision maker, people can’t be entertaining any form of sales people or visitors in their business right now, and many businesses are having to adapt and operate in entirely new ways. So, what can we do to market our products and services right now? The simple answer is the old tried and tested, direct mail. Now, there are many ways you can go about this to make it interesting and to set your mailing apart from your competitors, who are all going to be hopping onto this marketing tool right now!

First thing…Move away from the circular style

A standard windowed envelope with a printed address is NOT the way to increase engagement. Move away from the circular style mailing. Is it a bill? Who knows what it is. If you can, handwriting addresses and using stamps instead of franking adds a personal touch. If you are not able to handwrite your addresses, there is always the option of downloadable handwritten style fonts, some you have to pay for but there are plenty that are freely available, or you can even think about creating your own handwritten font… whatever you choose, having that personalised touch, or simply looking like your mailing has that personalised touch, is guaranteed to improve engagement.

Secondly… Spruce up the presentation

Use bright coloured envelopes and interesting address labels to spruce up your presentation and create something eye catching. You can even try sending lumpy post, a technique proven to capture the curiosity of your recipients, increasing the likelihood that they will open it to see what’s inside. You can send anything you like, a chocolate bar, a sachet of coffee… We like to send our recycled coasters that are made using waste from our wide format department. Lumpy post is great way to make people smile by sending them something that they will enjoy opening. It’s also a pretty fail safe way to ensure that post is opened by the person you're targeting, as most people check their own post on a daily basis.

Finally… Don’t think mailing is a thing of the past

Direct mail and print are definitely not a thing of the past, they are very much of the now, especially in these uncertain times they are arguably even more important than ever with print and mail being some of the most trusted pieces of communication. So, talk to us about your direct mail ideas and what you want to send out, and we can help recommend the best way to get your campaign in front of the right people, who will be making purchases during these strange times.

From leaflets and brochures to bespoke packs and fulfilment, we can help bring your direct mail campaigns to life, even under these difficult circumstances. Give us a call on 01392 202320 or email hello@ashleyhouse.co.uk.


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