Hospitality essential print for reopening

At Ashley House, we've been working hard to help businesses from all sectors prepare for a safe reopening, from offices and education establishments to those in the retail and hospitality sectors. With hospitality now having the green light to reopen in July, we’re pleased to share that we offer a range of essential print items that will help your hospitality business safely reopen whilst helping to keep staff and customers safe and informed.

Disposable Menus & Placemats

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, many hospitality businesses are opting for disposable menus and placemats to protect staff and customers. We can print disposable paper menus and placemats which are sustainably produced and recyclable, ensuring that single-use doesn't mean impacting the environment - the perfect option for eco-conscious hotels and restaurants.

Posters & Flyers

Whether you need to promote the reopening of your business, communicate your safety measures or advertise new services, we can print any size, any shape and any quantity of flyers to help you update your customers before they pay you a visit. We can also produce large posters to help communicate your procedures, ideal for informing people of one-way systems and queue points, but also to remind them of hygiene and social distancing policies.

Hygiene Stations

Hygiene stations or sanitising stations are a vital addition for every business, they can be placed almost anywhere to remind and encourage staff and customers to clean their hands frequently in order to prevent spreading germs, especially useful in areas with high footfall. With a range of sizes available, these can be easily installed wherever required, including entrances, walkways, toilets, lifts, reception and staff areas.

Floor & Wall Signs

These are both essential additions to provide clear communication and guidance to implement new safety measures within your business, including one-way systems, entrances and exits, and for marking out social distancing measures, especially useful in areas that require queuing. All signage is self-adhesive, making it quick and easy to install, and our floor vinyls are non-slip to help prevent accidents.

Physical Barriers & Screens

We have a range of physical barriers that can be used at most contact points to protect staff and customers where close contact is unavoidable, including tills and reception areas. From lightweight sneeze guards to acrylic screens, both can be provided with a gap for processing contactless card payments. We can also provide full length screen dividers that can be used as table dividers to ensure safe social distancing in dining areas.

Bespoke Essential Print

All of our essential print items can be fully customised so that they coordinate with your existing branding and marketing materials. If you’re in a hurry and haven’t got time to prepare artwork, we also offer a graphic design service and are able to prepare your essential print artwork, simply get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Visit shop.ashleyhouse.co.uk to shop now. If you want to discuss an upcoming print project with our team, or are looking to produce something that is a little more bespoke, give us a call on 01392 202320 or email hello@ashleyhouse.co.uk and we'll be happy to help.


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