Graphic Design Trends for 2021

After 2020, it’s safe to say that we are all ready for something new… and at the start of a new year, there’s nothing we enjoy more than seeing what design trends are predicted to lead the way in the months ahead. With 2021 here and another lockdown in place, it’s the perfect time to perfect your print and consider trying out something new. Whether it’s experimenting with print techniques or trying a new design trend, we’ve pulled together the latest graphic design trends to help inspire your print this year.

Inspired by Nature

With continued focus among businesses and consumers on the importance of reducing environmental impact, (and not to mention how long we’ve been stuck at home now…), expect more use of nature and outdoor themed design - from nature-inspired patterns and imagery to earthy-tones and use of sustainable print materials, 2021 is another year where businesses will be keen to do their bit to protect the environment and focus on keeping things green.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2021

The Pantone Colour of the Year 2021 has been announced, and this year there's not one, but two colours that compliment each other perfectly... 17-5104 Ultimate Gray & 13-0647 Illuminating. Described as “A marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting".

Golden Elements

Gold is often associated with quality and success, making it a great addition to create a truly luxury piece of print - we recommend experimenting with gold foiling or metallic inks to help add a special finishing touch. Gold elements help create an eye-catching focal point that is perfect for product packaging, logos or print to mark a special occasion.

Muted + Neutral Colours

Muted and neutral colour palettes will help brands create a sense of calm and safety - great for building trust. If your existing colour palette has been bolder colours, try toning them down for a more natural and organic feel - perfect if your business is trying to embrace a more sustainable approach this year, tying in perfectly with the nature-inspired trend.


We’re expecting to see many brands stripping things back and keeping things simple. From simplistic logos to minimalist design, we’ll see an increased use of symbols and icons to help visually communicate key messages without the need for lots of text. It’s important to remember that sometimes less really is more, especially when creating sophisticated print products.

Chaotic Typography

Throw the rulebook out of the window with the chaotic typography trend - great for playful, edgy and creative brands. Why stick to one font, colour or size when you can use multiple? The key to this trend is disrupting alignment and experimenting with many styles and colours… so let your creativity flow. This trend works best to create eye-catching posters or magazine covers.

Geometric Shapes

The use of geometric shapes within design has been an emerging trend in recent years and it’s going to continue to be a growing trend this year. Expect to see the use of simple geometric shapes to create unique patterns within designs, and even to bring mixed-media elements together helping to combine art, design and photography. Great for creating a cohesive brand across all key areas of your marketing - from print to digital.


It’s becoming increasingly important to demonstrate authenticity to your customers. If you need to use stock images in your print, try to select natural looking shots but if you can, hire a photographer to help perfectly capture the essence of your business. Alternatively, custom designed illustrations are a great way to show your creative side whilst remaining authentic and avoiding stock assets.

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