Graphic Design Trends for 2020

With 2020 in sight and the beginning of a new decade upon us, there’s never been a better time to shake up your print and experiment with something new - whether it’s a new print technique, trialling a different style of design or embracing the latest trend, we’ve taken a look at the upcoming graphic design trends that will be leading the way in the new year.


What better place to start than with the Pantone Colour of the Year? This time is the turn of 19-4052 Classic Blue, described as “A timeless and enduring blue hue, elegant in its simplicity and emblematic of heritage but at the same time highly contemporary”. The Colour of the Year finds its way into designs across all industries. Will you be using it in your print in 2020?


With environmental protection at the forefront of everyone's minds, and businesses aiming to do their bit to keep things green, expect to see earthy colours used heavily within print design to represent this approach, alongside sustainable print materials, for example, recycled stocks and vegan-friendly inks - keeping the eco focus at the top of the agenda!


On the flip side to earthy tones we’ll see the opposite end of the spectrum, big, bold contrasting colours, combining two or three tones maximum. Although a limited colour palette may seem restrictive, if you choose the right contrasts, they can create a huge impact when used in print design if used with the right print techniques to emphasise the tones.


If big, bold colours are the centre of attention, minimal design will have its chance to reign, taking it one step further with ultra-minimal design - less truly is more, especially with product packaging and print design. Keeping things simple with design is a great way to get straight to the point and make an impact, saying exactly what is needed without distraction.


In contrast to ultra-minimalist design, mixed media is a trend that will continue to grow. Whether it’s illustrations and drawings on images, or hand drawn typography combined with digital graphics, the mixed media approach is perfect for adding visual texture to a piece of print, combining art and design.


At some point, everything makes a comeback. Expect to see design trends from a range of eras creeping into everything - from graphics to typography. We’ll see vintage influences combined with modern techniques and colours to create a new retro style.


Typography will lead the way with text only designs… using hand drawn type and custom fonts to add a personal feel and create eye-catching messages. From experimental lettering, multi-line typography splitting individual words across multiple lines and maxi typography, the bigger and bolder, the better!


From beautiful brochures and flyers to eye-catching wall art or exhibition stands, we’re ready to get stuck in with your new print projects whatever the shape or size.

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