Eco & sustainable print finishing

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to just some of our eco and sustainable print finishing options, from interesting techniques to sustainable materials. If you’re currently using lamination or other non-recyclable and non-sustainable options for your print, the alternative options below will help you understand how you can still enhance your print using eco-friendly and sustainable choices.

Try adding texture

One simple way is to try adding texture to your print. This is very easy to achieve by using multiple materials and finishes, such as 100% recycled Kraft on the cover of a book or brochure and a different material for the inner pages, contrasting between smooth and rough textures. You could also choose to use tabbed dividers on your Inner pages, again in a different material, in addition to adding texture, they will also act as an extremely useful and functional aid for navigating through your brochure or book.

In contrast to rough Kraft stock, you could also opt for an incredibly smooth texture by using a stock like Splendorgel, which offers a very smooth, uncoated finish like the brochure above that we produced for Frobishers. They also opted for beautiful copper wires instead of the usual silver, adding a much more luxurious and modern feel, this is a very simple swap to entirely change the aesthetic of your print.

Use embossing & debossing

Another option is the use of embossing and debossing - where we actually impress your design into, or out of, the sheet. This is a really effective and simple way to add texture to both intricate and detailed designs, giving it an added touch of luxury and turning it into something special. The tactile nature of print is truly demonstrated with embossing and debossing, as you will always see and feel it on the other side of the sheet. It also works especially well when you use an intricate design to wrap around the fold, from the front to back cover, on a brochure or booklet.

Show off your eco credentials

If you are using sustainable printing options, you definitely need to let your audience know, and there are a variety of ways you can choose to show your eco credentials. Some of our customers add a simple line within their print saying ‘Printed on 100% recycled paper by Ashley House Printing Company’. Others choose to go a step further, adding various logos such as the Carbon Capture, Woodland Trust Scheme logo (to show that the paper has been carbon balanced before printing) and the FSC Mix logo, which you see in a lot of places, on your furniture, on printed receipts, even on toilet roll - if you can still get your hands on it!

We also have our very own eco badges that have been designed in-house, another fantastic way to demonstrate eco credentials on your print. These logos show that it has been printed using green energy, on recycled paper, using vegan-friendly inks and that it is biodegradable and recyclable - helping your customers understand your print is sustainable.

At Ashley House, we’ve been leading the way in eco-friendly print long before it was fashionable, however, protecting our environment has never been more relevant than it is right now. So ensure you are showing your customers the lengths you have gone to to make your marketing materials and product brochures as environmentally-friendly as they can be.

Don’t use laminate

If you’re using sustainable materials and processes, it’s also important to ensure you carry this effort out across the board, especially with products you regularly hand out. Most businesses fall down with the humble business card, with many continuing to be laminated on the front and back, despite the fact it makes them non recyclable. For a business card that feels high-quality but is also recyclable, we recommend using the duplex or triplex technique, taking 2, 3 or even 4 pieces of recyclable, sustainable stock and sticking them together (using vegan-friendly glue) to create a beautifully finished, visually interesting, business card.

We can create duplex and triplex cards using Kraft, Splendorgel and even sheets of Colorplan in the middle to add a colourful middle layer, this is an environmentally-friendly way to create a premium business card. As soon as you are handed a duplex or triplex business card, you know it’s different, it easily stands out over low quality print with the added bonus of being recyclable, sustainable and vegan-friendly!

In conclusion…

There are plenty of eco and sustainable options out there for you to enhance your print materials, so if you can choose these over non-sustainable finishes and techniques, you should. As one of the UK’s most environmentally-friendly printing companies, we are in the perfect position to talk you through green printing options.

Find out more about our eco-friendly print options and processes or contact us for all your sustainable print needs on 01392 202320 or email hello@ashleyhouse.co.uk.


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