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One of our core values at Ashley House is that our print stands out from the rest. Another is that we produce the highest quality digital print in the South West! Staying true to our values, we are committed to investing in the best available equipment to deliver outstanding results for our clients every time. We can now produce even better professional art prints, posters and photographs of the highest quality on a range of media with our new versatile fine art photo printer and proofer.

We are delighted to have recently installed an amazing ‘top of the range’ large format printer. This machine is purpose-built to create stunning prints, posters and other large-format artwork with incredible quality and colour reproduction. The new printer is perfect for photographs, posters, paintings and displays where the quality, durability and vibrancy of the colours is paramount. The machine can also print on 1.5mm board, making it ideal for retail environments and public spaces. 

We understand, whether for pre-press or printshop; agency, publisher or photographer, that you need to experience high-quality, long-lasting and consistent printing. You rely on accurate digital colour to deliver successful results. With this new press, we are able to produce the most accurate colour reproduction possible. Thanks to the specialist inks, you can enjoy highly accurate results with bright, vivid colours and lightfast prints lasting 60 years. The colour accuracy is astonishing, producing 98% of Pantone certified colours for true reproduction.  The Printer has an UltraChrome HDX ten-colour ink-set colour gamut and Precision Core print heads, which means the results are like printing in HD! Print resolutions are up to 2,880 x 1,440 DPI.

For customers looking for large scale black and white print productions, the high-black density feature and pigment ink set with light-light-black ensures depth and detail like no other. Along with our enviable colour management expertise, we can reproduce your print to exacting standards on the most beautiful substrates. As the print media is such a key factor in the colour reproduction of your print, Ashley House offers an extensive range of proofing, photo and production paper to match your every need. And, for something that extra bit special, we can even use acid-free archival stocks, excellent for limited edition printing.

We are incredibly impressed with what the new printing press can produce. We can’t wait to see what artworks our customers can create with it! 

The prints are truly amazing! Call us on 01392 202320 to find out more…



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