2017 is the Golden Age of Print Marketing!

With the recent emergence of online marketing, it is easy to assume that 'print is dead'. Some may say that digital marketing has taken over! A lot of focus is given to channels such as social media and email marketing. However, we believe that there has never been a better time to make use of brilliant quality print.

Here are 5 reasons why 2017 is the golden age of print!

What’s old is new again 

Blogging, social media, web articles and email newsletters are all very ‘traditional’ marketing techniques, while print is now ‘non-traditional’ and used a lot less. In our opinion, there’s never been a better time to utilise print to your brand’s advantage, because what excites consumers is what is not being done by everyone. They want to see something different. 

Stand out from your competitors 

To stand out from the rest, your brand should strive to be different: now that fewer people are using print, it has become gold dust and everyone is more likely to get excited about it. 

Print gives people the chance to switch off from technology and discover your brand through a different medium. 

Fewer people using print also means there’s less to read or look at, giving your brand more of a chance to grab consumers’ attention and with fewer comparisons.

Print gives your brand more value 

We’re so conditioned to digital marketing but it is very disposable, which means it could easily be forgotten about. In comparison, print takes time and care: it is generally a longer creative thought process. For this reason, consumers may think along the lines of, ‘If they’ve taken the time to print, it must be valuable’.


Print allows people to disconnect from technology

More and more people are finding that they are constantly looking at a screen: this can get quite overwhelming for us. More people are wanting to switch off from the digital media world. Engaging in printed material gives people the opportunity to do this, while still learning about new brands.

Receiving print marketing through the door may be the breath of fresh air that someone is looking for...

We’re not asking you to say no to digital marketing but now is the time to invest in print to stand out from the rest! 

Print has more power by engaging more senses

The more senses you can engage, the greater the impact you will have on consumers. Print engages far more senses than digital media!

Holding physical print in your hands, whether it is a book, poster, brochure, wedding invitation, business card or a letter, awakens your senses. You hang on their every word; you feel the quality of the materials before you and the subtle, unique 'fresh print' smell helps to feed your imagination. Truly exquisite print grabs attention in a way that digital media can only dream of, and while digital media has grown over recent years, it will never offer the emotive delight, nor the longevity of print.

To find out more about the power of print, read our blog post here.

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